14 Days Treatment With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is highly effective to get rid of dull skin and dark spots on your face.

Today in this post we will share 100% natural vitamin C face serum, that will give you radiant flawless skin in just a few days of regular use.

To make this serum, you will need:

  • 2 Fresh oranges
  • And 1 tsp of vegetable glycerine
  1. First, take oranges and grate them, to get the orange zest, make sure you just grate the peel part.
  2. Now put this grated zest in blender.
  3. Add 6 tsp of water to this and blend it well.
  4. Now filter this with a muslin cloth or strainer to get its juice.
  5. Add 1 tsp vegetable glycerine to this.
  6. Mix it well and your serum is ready.
  7. Transfer this serum to a clean dark colour dropper glass bottle.
  8. For best results use this serum, daily at night time after washing your face.
  9. Massage for 2 minutes until it gets completely absorbed.

It is advised to use this serum at night, as it will make your skin sun-sensitive.

Also in the daytime, make sure you apply sunscreen when going out.

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