DIY: Lightening And Brightening Lemon Toner

The brightening and lightening lemon toner works well on the skin which is prone to acne.
Lemon is among the most powerful lightening ingredients and not only will this toner lighten and brighten the skin, but it will also close pores and minimize acne.
You get all the benefits of new lemon, a natural source of vitamin C tightening, lightening, and brightening without any of the additives.
And it performs so much better, at a fraction of the price costs.

You’ll Need:
1 Fresh Lemon
Witch Hazel, you can substitute it with rose water
Purified Water (bottled or filtered)
Plastic Bottle
It is the simplest toner you’ll ever create.
Squeeze the juice out of 1 lemon ensure the seeds are extracted.
Mix the lemon juice with half the Witch Hazel / rose water, and double the purified water content.
In reality, the Witch Hazel will clean your skin while the lemon will lighten sun spots and even freckles and shine through the overall complexion.
So, the ratio should be 1:5:2, however, depending on how your skin responds, feel free to add or decrease any of the ingredients.
You have to dilute the lemon!
To begin with, do 1 part of lemon to 2 parts of purified water until your skin is comfortable, then feel free to add more lemon.
To use wash your face with a mild cleanser and then apply this brightening tone.
You can directly spritz it on your face or use a cotton pad to wipe across your face.
Make sure you keep it away from sensitive areas like eyes.
If your skin is very oily, you can add more witch hazel or add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil instead.
For extremely dry skin types, you can decrease the witch hazel or substitute it with rose water.
it is advised you store the toner in a plastic bottle.
You can use the toner twice a day, but while using day time make sure you apply a good sunscreen.
Store in a cool, dry place.
You can store the toner for 2 weeks.
Lemon is a natural and potent source of Vitamin C.
This ingredient is very commonly used to lighten sun and age spots and even out skin tone
lemon is a natural astringent that tightens the pores and brightens the overall complexion.
The lemon juice can be used to lighten the face.
This is due to the high vitamin C content, which is a strong antioxidant.
This means that you can use a humble lemon to treat acne damage, dark spots, freckles, and other types of hyperpigmentation.
In lemon juice, vitamin C lightens the skin by reducing melanin.
Witch hazel is a rich source of constricting compounds that bind together the proteins within skin cells.
The natural tannins contained in witch hazel may temporarily soothe the appearance of red, irritated, or blotchy skin.
In addition to witch hazel being an astringent that decreases oil and redness, the antimicrobial properties of tannins can reduce the growth of bacteria on the skin.