Single Ingredient Fat-Burning Juices For Losing Weight

In today’s day and age, unnecessary weight gain is an increasingly common issue.
That is majorly attributed to the common lifestyle of the working class.
Since most of us work from home we can easily put some extra kilos on.
One of the remedies for this problem is the intake of weight loss beverages.
By shedding the extra kilograms, your overall health greatly improves.
It brings down the risk of illness suffering. Will hold you in shape.

You’ll Need:
You Need 1/2 Ash Gourd
Rock Salt (Optional)
Lemon juice (Optional)
Peel and cut ash gourd, in small chunks. Make sure you peel the skin off well.
Take a processor, then add half a cup of petha. Mix it in. If the consistency is too thick you can also add some water.
Do not add sugar to the drink. Strain the juice and consume it fresh.
You can drink this the 1st thing in the morning to make sure it sucks all the accumulated fat and remove it from the body.
You can also add a couple of mint sprigs or 1 lemon or a little bit of rack salt into the detox juice for a blast of taste.
One of Ash gourd or safed petha’s most important benefits is weight loss.
It’s very low in calories, and rich in soluble fibers that help you stay full longer.
It’s full of potassium, as well.
Also, it has vitamin B2 which is good for energy levels, as well as riboflavin which heals thyroid gland activity and stress hormones.
Both are vital to maintaining a healthy weight.
Apart from weight loss, petha consumption may also be a good idea for those with a common acidity, ulcers, and heartburn problem.
As it is alkaline it serves as a coolant.
It also happens to be a really strong vitamin C source, flavonoids that help pump up your immunity.
You’ll Need:
3 Indian Gooseberries
1 tbsp Honey (Optional)
Grate the amla using a grater, and add into the mixer and 1 glass of normal water.
Grind well, strain and pour the juice into a glass.
however, I recommend nor to strain the juice because even the amla chunks give a nice crunch.
Add honey to taste.
You can add rock salt if you like it to be salty.
Stir well and enjoy to lose weight and to maintain a youthful look.
You can have this drink the 1st thing in the morning
This helps keep your digestive system on track all day long and speeds your metabolism up.
A healthy metabolism can rapidly eat up more calories.
Sometimes it is recommended to drink amla juice on an empty stomach for improved weight control.
So, say yes to amla juice for losing weight!
Benefits of having a glass of detox juice every day
Helps to lose weight
Cures Bloating and constipation
Reduce heart attacks
Cleans the blood, works as an excellent blood purifier
Reduces Cholesterol
Increase the immunity
Encourages healthy and glowing skin
Lowers Migraines
Increases Bone Strength